Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grimaldi's (coney island)

The newest edition to the Grimaldi's empire of brick oven pizza has finally open in Coney Island. News broke about the famous pizza chain opening it's third location in Coney Island this past February.  Along with other high profile names like Tom's and Zito's sandwich shop. 

Grimaldi's is located 50 feet from the entry of the Coney Island subway station located in an old furniture store which was renovated with a new facade and a large glass doors that open during the summer months. The walls are exposed brick and lined with 8ft tall pictures of Coney Island in the 1920's. A 50 seat dinning area with plenty of arm room and the pizza station off centered in the back of the room. As always the owner was at the front door directing seating and there was an line with a one hour wait time.

The owner  informed that they are still in soft opening mode this week and will just be serving pizza. They will be in full swing next week with a full menu.  No details about the oven but after trying the pizza I am sure it is not a coal burning oven. Still a great tasting pizza and for $14 for a large pie, it maybe the best deal in Coney Island. Totonno's pie is $21, but the shity attitude given during service is absolutely free.

1215 Surf Avenue, NY 11224


  1. I grew up on W.16th and Totonno's was our local joint. Every weeekend, like clockwork. Years later, they gave me attitude about getting a flat tire in front of the place (in OCTOBER) and YELLING about using a public parking spot for their neighbor to fix. I didn't get into explaining the family history... I just smiled and said "don't worry... I won't be here long". Thanks for including that part of the competition. Despite the signage, I look forward to Grimaldi's!

  2. It's a shame if it really isn't a coal burning oven. You know, maybe the pizza doesn't taste the same because this oven is newer than the one on Fulton (or whatever that St. is). Idk if I'm talking out of my ass, but I do believe these things get better with age. Like a cast iron skillet.

  3. [...] opening on Mermaid Parade Weekend, the new Surf Avenue Grimaldi’s got its first review from Devour NYC, who called it “a great tasting pizza and for $14 for a large pie, it maybe the best deal in [...]

  4. As Executive Assistant to the ownership, I appreciate your coverage of the new Coney Island Grimaldi's!! Frank, the owner, was not at the door, but our ever-charismatic Joe (who looks like Frank from Scarface) must be the gentleman to which you refer.

    As for the OVEN, Grimaldi's ONLY uses Coal Fired, Brick Ovens. And while I am unsure about the beter-with-age aspects, the ovens are all built to exact specs as the orginal. The Brooklyn Br Oven at the new location at One Front Street (next door to 19 Fulton) also is a new oven built exactly the same as the new ones all over the country (35 total) including AZ, NV, TX, FL and soon in South Carolina!!

    We seek to be the best value and quality in the Pizza business, understanding sometimes we need to improve things as we go! We are on Facebook and welcome your commentary, as customer service and delicious pizza is our goal!!

    Roger DeBonis

  5. Hey Roger, thanks for reading. I live in the neighborhood and I would like to thank you for opening up shop where many have feared to. You have a customer for life. Thanks for the info.