It was Friday afternoon and time for lunch, and I wanted a burger. I was in close proximity to Shake Shack, on 44th and 8th, but I had come...

Schnippers Quality Kitchen

It was Friday afternoon and time for lunch, and I wanted a burger. I was in close proximity to Shake Shack, on 44th and 8th, but I had come to the conclusion that I’d never make it there in-time because by 11:45am the line is usually out the door and down the block. Then I remembered this place I had passed a few times, called Schnippers. I always wanted to try it but I have this thing about eating alone in public. I feel it’s one step closer to being the type of person who buys irregular underwear. Luckily, I talked my co-worker into joining me.

Schnippers is located in the New York Times building, on the corner of 41st Street and 8th Avenue. Constructed of metal and glass, with gleaming white walls and a huge orange Schnippers sign, you can’t really miss the place. After walking through two huge glass doors, you’re greeted by wooden table tops along with white and silver metal chairs, (beware, some tables are communal) I fucking hate motherfucking communal tables! I think they’re disgusting and impersonal. I honestly don’t want to hear about whose cock you sucked last night and I don’t want your bed bug circus jumping ship onto me. Anyway, there’s an open kitchen with a bar-like eating area next to where you place your order with huge signs on the wall that say " food " and " drink ", good thing they were there or I would of mistaken the place for subway station. The patrons at Schnippers were of tourists, construction workers and people who couldn’t bear to wait an hour at Shake Shack.

The menu is full of “comfort food” (i.e. burgers, fries, hot dogs, milk shakes etc.) After scanning the menu, I decided to get this burger with blue cheese, bacon, crispy onions, hickory smoked BBQ sauce and Schnippers sauce, whatever the fuck that is ($9.75) and an order of sweet potato fries served with maple dipping sauce ($3.99). Oh and a soda. The total was $19, which is pretty fucking pricey for a burger and fries! And a soda! One thing I found strange was that they didn’t ask me how I wanted my burger cooked, especially given that it’s a made-to-order type of place. I was handed a stick with the number 170 on it and headed over to a table with my co-worker.

A few moments later, my burger was brought over by the server. On a round metal tray laid a burger, which looked pretty good, and a cup of sweet potatoes fries with a dipping sauce. I snapped a few pictures and wrote a few notes as my co-worker strangely looked on.

The burger was dry and had way too much blue cheese and BBQ sauce on it, which is fine, if I wanted a blue cheese and BBQ sauce sandwich. But I wanted a burger. The onions weren’t crispy and the bacon was rubbery. Thumbs down to the burger.

The sweet potato fries were good; crispy on the outside, semi-sweet and cooked perfectly. Although the maple sauce was very sweet. Okay, “very sweet” is an understatement. The fucking thing will give you diabetes at the end of the meal.

Well, Schnippers, what can I say? Thanks for unlimited refills on the soda.....

Schnippers Qaulity Kitchen
620 8th avenue
New York , NY (212) 921-2400


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  3. I wonder what kind of complex entails roaming the internet to find "losers," and who are then compelled to continually post useless comments on a food review of a mediocre restaurant? Schnippers is not what I call fine dining, thus it confuses me as to what the mastery of a knife and fork has to do with Sloppy Joes "o anonymous one." Clearly you are way too high class for me.