My search for a good white boy Chinese food has become similar to my dating life. Disappointing, mediocre and tasteless. When I was in the m...

Brooklyn Wok Shop

My search for a good white boy Chinese food has become similar to my dating life. Disappointing, mediocre and tasteless. When I was in the mood to have some sit down white boy Chinese food, my go to spot was this place in Bensonhurst called Chef Wong’s. I was on some Rao’s shit in there, I had my own booth. The waiters knew us, knew what we ordered and kept the crunchy noodles flowing like the Pearl River. But, like everything , all good things come to an end.  So for the past 5 years I have been on the hunt for a good sit down white boy Chinese joint.

One recommendation that would come past my ear lately has been Brooklyn Wok Shop.  Of course I was hesitant. The problem with white boy Chinese restaurants is that they are like assholes, everyone thinks they have the best one. But  After all my past strike outs with white boy Chinese food places I figured I would have nothing to lose. 

Brooklyn Wok Shop is located on North 10th street in land of where rich girls that look poor and dudes look like they operate steam trains, Williamsburg.  The restaurant is not decorated in your normal Chinese food fashion. Cement t floors, dark tables, dim lighting and a wall decorated with white bowls with a decent music play list bumping in the background. A quick at a small menu and this was the order : 

Roast Pork ($11.50) Soy glazed pork served with bok choy. When first picking up a piece of pork from the plate it fell apart. A big smile on my face I knew I was in for a treat. But that smile quickly turned into a frown. Although the flavor was there the pork was to mushy, even for me.

Scallion Pancakes ($6)  Thin crispy pancakes with nice balance of scallions to dough served with  a tangy soy sauce . Basically, scallion pancakes done right, finally.

Saucy wonton ($6.50) Shrimp and pork stuffed into a wonton and served in a tangy sauce. A perfectly tender wonton that played ping-pong with my palate. The tenderness was perfect with hints of pork and chives, then the sweetness of the shrimp which was sometimes offset by the tangy of the sauce.

Shiu Mia ($6.50) Pork and Shrimp dumplings. At this point you’re probably telling yourself  “ this asshole just ordered that  just without the sauce” You’re right, I did and I am an asshole. Yet, still a solid dish.

General Tso’s Chicken ($11.50)  I am a self labeled General Tso’s chicken aficionado. To me a perfect General Tso’s chicken is a mix of white and dark meat, lightly coated but just enough to have crunchiness to the chicken. The sauce should be thick and in color with a balance of sweet, heat and savory which lightly coats the chicken. And this dish had hit all my requirements. After a few bites, the flavor painted my palate with a fire house.  I haven’t had a General Tso’s chicken like this in years. Utter perfection.

Is Brooklyn Wok Shop the new Chef Wongs? Nah. But I can not really categorize this place as a white boy Chinese restaurant simply because a hipster took my order and there were no crunchy noodles flowing. Although they do serve some old school favorites I would say wok shop is Chinese food for cool kids. So strap on your high top dunks, throw on an ironic t-shirt and prepare yourself for a great General Tso chicken.

Brooklyn Wok Shop
182 North 10th Street, Brooklyn.
(718) 889-7992


  1. I seriously LOL'ed while reading this post - as I usually do on this blog.
    This place sounds good. Esp. that scallion pancake. I should go there one of these days.

  2. Reminds me of when Empire Szechuan Ruled The World.

  3. Sounds like a good white girl chinese food spot.