I try my very best to eat red meat once a month. I've hit that age where eating like you're going to the electric chair is dangerous...

Corner Burger

I try my very best to eat red meat once a month. I've hit that age where eating like you're going to the electric chair is dangerous. Although I suffer from gout attacks, I am very thankful that I still have all my hair and my penis still works. Time was coming up for my monthly piece of red meat and I wanted a burger. I wanted to try something new and I wanted something good.  I don't know if someone slipped something in my drink but I decided on a buger joint called Corner Burger located in Park Slope.

I was warned about corner burger and I should have listened. Bad sign number one: The place was empty, bad sign number two: The phone was not ringing nor was the guy behind the counter putting in orders. With two bad signs with in five minutes I started to realize I was in trouble. No turning back now, here’s what I ordered :

The Slope Burger ($10.50) Burger topped with bacon, cheddar,  “ homemade onion rings” , lettuce, tomato and red onion. The menu specifies that all burgers are cooked medium, I even asked for medium, what did I get? Well done. You know who eats a well done burger? Assholes. The meat was tasteless and dry. Even the extremely oily “homemade onions rings” couldn’t save this burger thing. 

Fries combo ($6.50) French, curly, waffle. Pre-cut fries. It was easy to tell with that coating on the regular fries. How the fuck do you serve pre-cut fries at a burger joint? Better yet, how do you serve pre-cut fries and still stay in business? 

“Homemade onion rings”  ($5) You can fool these Park Slope moms but you can't fool me. Any asshole can see these onions rings are not homemade. HORRIBLE. Greasy, soggy  tasteless crap.

Even though the place was empty, service was horrible. I know dude was busy putting together a summer play list on spotify, but, whats up? Can’t ask if I need another coke? If the food is good? I left the place madder than a African cab driver when you tell him you’re going to Brooklyn. Corner burger maybe the worst burger I have had in 2012, maybe even in my life.

Corner Burger
381 5th avenue Brooklyn

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