Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Remember when your parents told you Christmas comes once a year? Well, they fucking lied to you! Christmas comes twice a year, on December 25th and, this year, on July 23rd. And the presents aren't Guy Fieri's cookbooks or Rachel Ray's knife sets. They come in the form of grilled meat. I'm talking about the greatest BBQ in NYC, Meatopia! The most anticipated BBQ event to hit Brooklyn, ever.  

I attended Meatopia last year on July 11th and I can't figure how I managed to go without it for 353 days. This year, more than 48 highly known Chefs will be in attendance at the grill. Expect notables such as Michael White of Osteria Morini , Charles Grund of Hill Country  and Eddie Huang of Bao Haus . To top it all off, Pat Lafrieda will be BBQ'ing an 850 lb steer. And they say heaven doesn't exist.

After reading this year's menu, I salivated so much that I almost shorted out my keyboard. For example, Rub will be serving double burnt pastrami ends, Need I say more? 

So whatever you're doing; weddings, birthdays, funerals - say you can't make it and meet me at Meatopia.

July 23rd at Pier 5 in Brooklyn 
You can Purchase tickets at www.meatopia.org 
Pictures coutresy of Ozersky.tv, Meatopia.org, Eater.com

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  1. Holy shit. I just read the line-up and it's quite impressive.
    You better blog about this... or I might go after you.