Sunday, August 14, 2011


There are three things I look forward to in life: sleep, sex and Meatopia. As you read in my last posting, Meatopia is a BBQ event and was held recently at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Put together by Josh Ozersky, it featured 48 Chefs from around the country.

It was hot as balls outside that day, but I was down for what was trending on twitter as a “meatwave”. After sampling about 15-20 tasting dishes, below are my top three.

The Meatball Shop: Spicy Lamb Sloppy Joe. After busting their balls about a new competitor, The Meatball Factory, I got to chow down on what was the best sloppy joe I’ve had in years. Chopped up lamb, in a tangy and sweet tomato sauce, served on a fresh baked bun.

The Breslin: Mule foot hog served pulled-pork style and topped with a smoky, yet sweet, BBQ sauce on a potato bun. Some fresh coleslaw on the side was perfect enough to cool me off. While eating, I realized I can replace this sandwich with sex.

Osteria Morini: Spit roasted Hampshire porchetta with sage, rosemary and lemon, and served on a small baked roll. The man is a genius with pasta and has extended his talent to sandwiches.

48 Chefs churning out quality high-end food for 5 hours seems like a tease. But at the end of the event, I really couldn’t eat another bite. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t eat the next day either. I don’t know if the depression had set in because I realized I’d have to wait another 365 days for Meatopia, or because I had gained enough weight the day before to be considered the first pregnant male in existence. Either way, Meatopia, you have my heart.

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  1. The sloppy joe looks awesome. I'm drooling on my keyboard...