F or me, there are two types of pizza places: there’s what I like to call the “new age pizza”. People who study under master pizzaiola&...

La Casa Bella

 For me, there are two types of pizza places: there’s what I like to call the “new age pizza”. People who study under master pizzaiola's, who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on brick ovens built by master oven builders from Italy and then open a pizza place just because it's "trendy". I must of been in the bathroom when pizza became a trend in new york city. I consider the makers of new age pizza as the hype beast's of the culinary world (definition of a hype beast).

And then there are the local pizza joints, where I don’t have to wait hours or weeks for a reservation, where I don’t have to wait on line with smelly hipsters and stupid tourists for a $5 slice of regular pizza because the assholes picked up the latest edition of frommers or even worse read it on Yelp. The local pizza joint is a place where I can walk to and get a slice with no hassle, where the pizza is always on point and when I walk into the place, the guy behind the counter knows exactly what I want. La Casa Bella is one of those places.

La Casa Bella is located on the corner of 26th and Cropsey Avenues in Bensonhurst. Established in the early 90’s, it’s the perfect mom and pop pizza joint. The owner mans the counter while his wife is one of the waitress. My brother and I decided to pop in for dinner one night. Luckily it was a Tuesday because any given Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will be waiting a good hour or so for a table. 


As you walk into La Casa Bella you notice the old school charm: dim lighting with copper plated ceilings, wooden tables and chairs, and a long counter with all the pizza. In addition to pizza, La Casa Bella also serves a full menu of Italian food. My brother and I ordered two vodka slices ($3.95 each, I think), one order of fried calamari ($10.95) and we both decided to get the chicken Parmesan ($12.95).

Whenever I go to La Casa Bella, I start off my meal with a vodka slice which, honestly, I believe is the best vodka slice in Brooklyn. If it was humanly and socially acceptable to have sex and marry this slice of pizza, I would. And yes, there are about five other pizza shops that make vodka slices, but none can come near the one at La Casa Bella. A thin, crunchy, chewy dough, topped with a creamy, garlicky, tomato vodka sauce, which is then topped off with fresh mozzarella and a mix of basil and parsley with a sesame seed crust can honestly be the key factor in bringing world peace.

Next up was the fried calamari; perfectly tender pieces of calamari, fried to perfection and served with a hot or a sweet sauce. 

I FUCKING LOVE chicken Parmesan!  This is one of the very few dishes I could eat every day and La Casa Bella makes one of, if not the best, plates of chicken parmesan I’ve ever had. Thinly sliced pieces of chicken, deep fried, extra crispy, placed on a bed of La Casa Bella’s great tomato sauce, and topped with fresh mozzarella. The portion is huge. I usually eat half of it, but this time it was so good I kept eating until it hurt. 

The bill came to $50.

If you were confused with what I meant by local pizza joints, I’m sure after reading this you’ll understand and if you don’t, well, then you’re an asshole. In south Brooklyn, pizza has taken a nose dive in the taste category, with the new ownership of the pizza section at L&B by people who have no business making pizza, even though it’s the same recipe and because of Totonno’s, which is over rated, overpriced and over the hill. I’m happy to say La Casa Bella has kept its consistency over the past 18 years and if anything has gotten better over time. That's why this will always be my favorite local pizza joint. 

La Casa Bella 
2579 Cropsey Avenue Brooklyn NY 
(718) 449-0200

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  1. The wife (Rose)is Actually the Executive Chef.She creates all the wonderful food from the appetizers, Entrees, Desserts Etc.Sometimes they get so busy she will jump right in and do a bit of everything!!!She appreciates all the customers (which she considers friends after so many years).This is a family oriented place.Come one Come all..I always give credit where credit is due and Rose is an amazing Chef.