Y es, it was time for lunch. I had it all perfectly planned. I was working on 45 th Street and 6 th Avenue. I was going to get someth...

Rickshaw Dumpling truck

   Yes, it was time for lunch. I had it all perfectly planned. I was working on 45th Street and 6th Avenue. I was going to get something from the Daisy May BBQ cart. If Daisy May wasn’t around, I’d get a falafel from Moishe’s on the corner. As I made my way out of the building, I saw the Rickshaw Dumpling truck and the treats truck. Okay, fuck the treats truck. I wasn’t eating cookies for lunch. I had to stay focused; Daisy May, Moishe’s or bust. So after walking down 6th Avenue and arguing with myself on the way to 46th Street, I made a quick U-turn and headed back over to the Rickshaw Dumpling truck. Even though I had read that Anita Lo was no longer affiliated with them, I had to check things out for myself. I think in my past life I was a dumpling and that’s why my love for them goes so deep. 

There was a he & she dude-bro in the truck. Awesome, nothing says authentic like two hipsters serving you dumplings out of a truck in midtown Manhattan, welcome to the NEW New York. The female dude-bro quickly, and bubbly, asked me what I’d like. Looking at the blackboard I quickly yelled out “the pork & Chinese chive dumpling". Six dumplings for $6, what a bargain. I was handed a small Chinese food container, sealed with the Rickshaw Dumpling logo.  I grabbed a pair of chopsticks, some napkins and I was off.

As I got back upstairs to tear into the dumplings, I realized I lost a chopstick in transit, great. I should of went stereotypical whiteboy and just used a fork, like my brother does. I went straight gutter on these dumplings and ate them by hand. Unfortunately, it tasted like they came from a gutter; one that held run off from a melted dirty, yellow mountain of snow. Soggy, with a heavy taste of chives, these dumplings sucked! The skin on them was awful and mushy. I thought the dipping sauce would make them a little better but they actually made them a lot worse. I’ve had dumplings in the hood and when I say hood I don't mean the gentrified section of buschwick, that were better than these pieces of crap. 

It just goes to show, when you have a plan for lunch, stick to it; or you’ll be eating the equivalent of white dog shit.

RickShaw Dumpling truck  
New York City 


  1. That dumpling looks amazing. Just sayin

  2. i've had their dumplings. and they gave me a boner..