Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sushi Sunday

I decided to share my skills with the world  to show a simple fact, not only do I talk the talk, but I also walk the walk. I am FAR from a master sushi maker but I can say I'm pretty decent for a Russian, Jew, from Brooklyn.

I start by prepping everything so I make my life easier later. I skewer the shrimp, cook them and then run them under cold water so they don't curl up on me.

While the water boils, I prep everything else, the salmon, the eel, the kani. All while listening to n.e.r.d's album titled seeing sounds. The song " everybody nose " came on, which is kind of a bad, you try and explain why all the girls are waiting online for the bathroom to your Russian immigrant mother.

 My homeboy Quan at the Asian supermarket hooked me up on the love, love this time with this salmon. Honestly, this guy hates my guts and curse me out in Cantonese every time he see's me.  That's right motherfucker, I brought in a spy to translate, but it wasn't Frank Costanza. 

Prep is done and It's time to roll some sushi.  Notice the fake Kani? I am using it because I forgot to buy the king crab legs.

This is a spicy kani, avocado roll with eel sauce. I don't get to crazy with my rolls, but today I made a salmon, banana and sesame oil roll, It was decent but the banana over powered everything, fuck it, back to the drawing board.

The final Product. We have a spicy kani roll, a banana, salmon roll, A shrimp avocado and eel sauce roll, a spicy salmon roll, a salmon and avocado roll , and a few pieces of shrimp and eel.

I added this next picture because I was already getting shit that this was store bought. This angle shows the imperfection of my rice, I didn't add enough rice wine vinegar to make it sticky. I'm an asshole.
 I had some stuff left over and seaweed which I was going to put on the side like a garnish but I decided to mix it in a bowl with everything I had left, added some sirachi, some sesame oil, and eel sauce and honestly, it was eaten faster than the sushi.
 My Sushi disappeared faster than a dead hooker at the democratic convention. I'd be more than happy to make this for anyone. Okay I am lying, I'll make this for any hot girl.

                          Now, can I talk my shit again?

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