Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It was time for lunch and I was working in soho, this was the perfect chance for me to hit up the calexico cart, only if I could remember where the fuck it was. So as I walked down greene street to the corner of prince, google maps was no help to me and twitter was down, fuck this, I'm not playing retard tourist on my 30 minute lunch break. I'm getting a slice of pizza and then going to the apple store and loading the devour nyc page on all of the ipads. As I walked to get a slice towards wooster and prince I happen glanced across the street and there it was, calexico. I checked out their menu, I decided to go with the Calexico carne asada ($8), burrito, prime marinated skirt steak, rice, beans, pico de gallo, cheese and avocado crema. My order was taken and I moved off the line to wait for my burrito. As I waited I got to listen to the soundful tunes of the lost boyz song "Renee", If thier pumping the lost boyz, how bad could the food possibly be? I quickly ran back to my job site and I was thanking the g-ds I was working on a ground floor, waiting for the elevator on a construction site sucks! I was hungry and this burrito was calling my name like crack did to pookie ( new jack city )

I sat down and started to chomp away, as I took my first bite I tasted beans. I hate beans, the chalky texture doesn't do it for me. I turn down black beans faster than a condom at the playboy mansion, I thought for sure my lunch was ruined.

As I started to take a few bites the bean's texture was gone. The steak was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy. There was a little tangy which was a little over powering. I later figured it was lime juice in that can be from the pico de gallo but I could be wrong, a few chews later that tanginess turned into heat which put a smile on my face. The rice was rich and creamy, I'm guessing from the cheese?

Calexico is officially my go to spot for a burrito, good thing they have a shop in brooklyn. | Phone: 718-488-8226

Cart : Prince and wooster, Brooklyn Bridge park
Restaurant : 122 Union Street, Brooklyn.

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