Monday, August 12, 2013

Go Burger

Lunchtime for me is always limited. Sometimes I don't even have lunch because I am so busy running around Manhattan. I recently found myself working in the Financial District with time to spare, and I wanted something really good for lunch. I remembered that nearby there's a GO Burger kiosk serving up burgers and fries. I always wanted to try their truck, but never had the chance. I figured  - what do I have to lose?

Located behind the W Hotel on Washington Street was small box with a window, an exhaust hanging out of it's roof,  and a GO! Burger logo plastered all over it - this must be the place! A quick peek at the menu and this what I got :  

BLT ($7.50): Double Smoked Bacon, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickles, GO Burger Sauce. First of all, my burger was cooked well-done. I should have went back and thrown it at them. You know who eats a well done burgers? Assholes. Secondly, my burger looked like someone sat on it. This maybe the shittiest tasting burger I've had in a while and If I wanted a shitty burger I would have went to up the block to Burger King. 

Skinny Fries ($4): As I waited for my order, I noticed money grip removing two brown bags from a freezer - one of which held the "skinny fries." Precious was skinnier than these fries. Heavy, starchy and loaded with salt. How the fuck do you call yourself a burger spot when you serve frozen shit? 
photo 2(5)

Vidalia Onion Rings ($5): That second bag I told you about held these grease traps they called onion rings. Greasy and full of salt, I had to throw away half of them. 
photo 1(5)

They should rename this place "You should GO! Somewhere else burger." What a shit hole! It's no wonder that the only people I saw buying food from them were tourists - and not just regular tourists. These were the ones that still use paper maps and stuff the extra napkins into their fanny packs.

Go Burger
123 Washington Street NY 10006 (other locations)

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