Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meatopia 2012

 Nine years ago, Times writer Josh Ozerksy  had an idea to throw a BBQ that celebrates the entire animal, nose to tail. So every year meatheads from around the nation and beyond converge into a space for a night full of meat mayhem known as Meatopia. This year  Randall's island was transformed into a meat meadow where 40 of new york and the nations most high-profile chefs came to serve up one of a kind dishes for the event.  Chef’s like April Bloomfield from The Breselin, Alex Guarnaschelli of The Darby and so on. Also this year Meatopia featured Aaron Franklin from Franklin BBQ and a group of Navy seals fire roasting up some meat.

Meatopia is not your average BBQ event. All the meat provide is from locally sourced farms where the animal is treated in a humane way. Living a stress free life, eating only the best of the with no hormone or steroid injections. The animal is slaughtered in a safe and respectful way. Also this year proceeds from the event go to Armed Forces foundation that offers vital assistance to active-duty and retired military personnel, National Guard, Reserve Components and military families as they cope with difficult circumstances. Plus the left food is donated to City Harvest.

Mini-Balkan burgers with Kaimak and Avjar

Smoked St.Louis Ribs from Dinosaur BBQ

Smoked Wings From Dinosaur BBQ

As the sky turned green and opened up upon the crowd, food and charcoal grills. Meatopia magically transformed into meat lovers version of wood stock, a meat stock if you will. While most people ran for cover many came with umbrellas and rain gear. Despite the rain, Meatopia was a great way to kiss the summer outdoor event season goodbye. Only 365 days (and counting) until the next one.

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