I found my self in the Flat Iron district one day, hungry . I wanted a burger so of course, shake shack came to mind first. Upon ar...

Frites 'N' Meats

   I found my self in the Flat Iron district one day, hungry. I wanted a burger so of course, shake shack came to mind first. Upon arriving at Madison Square Park, though, I saw a line zigzagging through the park. No fucking way was I waiting on line for an hour with these fuck sticks. Shake Shack is good, but it’s not wait-on-line-with-a-bunch-of-fucktards-for-a-burger-and-fries good. As I walked away in disgust, I saw a big yellow truck with a cartoon steer on it. It was the Frites and Meats truck. They made burgers, they made fries and there was just one hipster waiting on line ahead of me. This is where I was eating.

The menu has a build-your-burger option, which I prefer because I like to control my meat, just like in real life. I decided to go with a Waguy burger topped with cheddar on a potato roll, and an order of fries and a coke. As I was going to order the dude bros on the truck asked me if I wanted to try their bottle rocket burger, at least that’s what I think they said. It was a special burger they made to promote the opening of a wine shop a few stores down. I said sure, but I fucked up. I like to try what’s on the menu so that later, whomever reads this review says ‘that dick head Dave at Devour said this burger is good, maybe I’ll try it, fuck it’.

Bottle rocket burger : Wagyu beef, marinated in red wine, garlic and rosemary. (Oh, you fancy huh...) Topped with cheddar, raw onion, tomato, pickle, mesclun greens, ketchup and mayo on a potato onion roll that’s baked by Balthazar. My first bite squirted juices further than a porn star in heat. As I chewed the taste of Red wine and garlic started to subtley appear. Now, I never had a burger marinated in wine and garlic, but who ever idea this was, I'd like to give you a hug. 

The Fries : Belgian style fries served in a red and white cone. The fries were perfectly seasoned with little hints of salt. Although the fries tasted like they had a batter on them, I guess to make them crispier but not to the point where they felt like you were chewing on wet sandpaper.

Finally, after months of looking for a good burger, Frites and Meats finally satisfied my craving. Now that I think of it, I would like to thank all the dick heads who waited on line for Shake Shack that day. If it wasn’t for them, I would have never discovered Frites and Meats, my go-to spot for a great burger. 

Frites 'N' Meats

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  1. Wow. If you wanna give someone a hug then it must've been really good. I'm def. trying this.