Thursday, September 22, 2011

The San Gennaro Feast

Something weird was going on at the San Gennaro feast this year. Along with mom and pop vendors slinging sausage and pepper sandwiches, fried Oreo's, and annoying carneys trying to milk you out of every dollar you have by getting you to throw a ball into a basket; the heavy hitters of the New York City restaurant scene had opened their own stands. Restaurants such as Torrisi, The Breslin, L'Artusi's. Here are some of my favorite new school and old school feast dishes.

Braciole Sliders From Rubirosa

BBQ Asian ribs from Torrisi 

Chinese Nacho's from Torrisi

I wouldn't be able to respect myself if I came to the San Gennaro feast and not get some old school dishes. 

Fried Calamari and shrimp Combo from Umberto's

Sausage and peppers sandwich from Lucy's

The End.

The San Gennaro Feast 
Mulberry Street, New York NY
September 15, through Sunday, September 25, 2011

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