Friday, December 28, 2007

Peter lugers Steak house

I recently returned to the #1 Zagat rated steak house in New York city, Peter Luger's. My last experience there was not the greatest. A long wait and a fatty steak would make any meat eater hesitant to return. As my friends and I entered the steak house we were promptly seated. A waiter rushed over to our table with their great onion rolls, salt sticks, and the signature Peter Luger’s steak sauce. Our drink orders are taken and we are asked if we would like to see some menu's. Considering that my friends and I are Peter Luger's veterans we waved away the menus and quickly gave our orders. A Caesar salad , steak for 3, hash browns, onion rings , and creamed spinach. The Caesar salad was fresh , crisp, and light. A good way to start off the meal? Yes. We could have ordered their nuclear sized cocktail shrimp or some sliced thick bacon, but the portions are so big it would ruin any enjoyment of the main course. As I take a sip of my Cabernet, I hear the sizzle of the steak pass my ear. Our steak has arrived! In the back of my mind, I was hoping that this steak would be nothing like the one I had have the last time I came here. To my surprise, a juicy, cooked to perfection (medium, of course) steak that would have been a travesty to put any signature Peter Luger steak sauce on. The onion rings, battered, sliced super thin and fried , creamed spinach was light and creamy . The hash browns were my only disappointment. They were bland and too dry, even with the juices from the steak poured onto the potatoes. My friends and I agreed that the meal was the best meal to end 2007 with. The bill was $300 with tip. On a 1 through 4 rating, I rate Peter Lugers a 3.  

A few facts about lugers :
The menu :
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Peter lugers only accepts cash or pete lugers credit card. They do not accept walk-in's so make reservations early

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